Rachel is outstanding. I have never met a more professional, respectful, caring, and helpful vendor in all of my work, and I am in the event planning industry myself. She went above and beyond what I asked of her for my wedding day and made sure that there was not a detail out of place. I highly recommend her for any (event). She can do it all!   —PJ & Jaime, 7.7.07, wedding

Rachel was fabulous! Hands-down the most organized and professional person I worked with for my wedding. Even 8 1/2 months pregnant at the time, she was looking at sites, decorating, and following up with caterers, vendors, and guests. My maid of honor (who worked with her very closely) even gave her high marks. She was loved by parents, and bridal party alike. —Alex & Jorge, 10.8.06, wedding

Her assistance in the weeks leading up to the wedding was exactly what we needed. She helped us prioritize (to see the forest from the trees when we got distracted) without taking herself away from details that mattered. She posed questions that we had not thought of and offered solutions to problems we didn’t know enough to anticipate.

She remained a step ahead of us at all times. Thank goodness.

She is stealthily aggressive, and both calming and encouraging. She is resourceful, thorough and savvy.

Rachel is impressive with VIPs. She handled our family, guests and vendors with an appropriate mix of assertiveness and kindness. She made everyone feel welcome, appreciated, and capable. And she made it clear that everything was “under control” without undermining their sense of control. This is an incredibly hard balancing act, and Rachel pulled it off with grace.

We never felt that sense of chaos that can creep into an event and turn people against each other. Thanks to her, we were able to keep our attention on the people that mattered most.

There is no doubt that Rachel’s years of experience planning and running high-profile parties, press conferences and fundraising events helped to prepare her. The experience she gained while coordinating events for the Governor and corporate clients like NJ Transit give her an edge that few planners have. —Jennifer & Kevin, 5.6.06, wedding

The 25th Anniversary and all of the events surrounding it were well planned and executed, thanks to your hard work. I have received man compliments from those in attendance thanking NJ TRANSIT for marking the milestone with such class and attention. —George D. Warrington former Executive Director, NJ TRANSIT Corp, 25th Anniversary Celebration, 12.8.04

Rachel’s dedication and tireless effort can not be topped. The woman is amazing and is not my inspiration after planning and executing our wedding two weeks before giving birth to her first child. She helped a country girl have a truly classy and unforgettable wedding. Rachel was there to help at any time, anywhere, anyhow…a true professional and one I am proud now to call a friend. —Jodi & Matthew, 10.15.06, wedding

Rachel’s calm demeanor and cool head helped as the day of the event began with 5 inches of snow covering the state of New Jersey. With 1000 people scheduled to attend and over 200 children scheduled to perform, she was the first one there and made the necessary accommodations for the weather and the children. Rachel’s organizational skills were impeccable with the Children’s Inaugural and were just as so with my daughter’s wedding the following August.  —Liz, Event Chair Children’s Inaugural NJ January 2006, Mother of the Bride August 20, 2006

From our first conversation, until the final clean up after our reception, Rachel’s professionalism and determination was unmistakable. We had an out of state, outdoor wedding and reception , which created many consideration—including timing, spacing, and flow of our guests. Rachel was extrememly well prepared to handle any difficulties we encountered prior to the wedding and on the day of the ceremony as well. We received countless compliments from our caterers, family and friends on Rachel’s efforts. —Bridget and Michael, 8.19.05, wedding

 Rachel thought through every detail of the surprise 60th birthday party, from the delicious food, to the invitations, party favors and decorations for the St. Patrick's Day theme! Our friends are still talking about the amazing evening....it could not have been more perfect. It was great to have Rachel at the creative helm – designing fun T-shirts as party favors, creating a "pub" atmosphere at the house, and worrying about every detail so that we could enjoy our guests. It could not have been more fun or more memorable! —Angie and Bob, 3.17.07, St. Patrick's Day themed 60th birthday party