Services and FAQ

Why do I need an event consultant? I can do it all myself.

Planning a special event can take dozens of hours every week that is not in our normal weekly schedule.

The number of hours can be compared to that of a part time job and many people are not able to adequately set aside to make all the necessary arrangements for a special event. Making the day of the event go smoothly requires good, organized planning and preparation.

Think of a planner as a project manager, one whose sole responsibility is to keep you, your family or staff, and your event on track. We take the pressure and stress of the day off of you months before as we work with you to plan, organize and prepare for your event.

What do people hire you to do?

Clients come to us at different stages of the planning process. Some don’t know where to start and come to us for help with the entire process from choosing a location to printing the programs and walking them through the day of the event.

Others have begun to plan but feel the pressure of the last few months and need an extra set of hands and a fresh set of eyes to get them through the final push.

Some have made it through the entire process but just do not want to be in charge the day of their event so that they can enjoy it and be the proper host or hostess. This is where we provide our “day of” coordination services.

We have a date, a place, and invitations. What else is there?

For some people and some events, that is enough, for others who want it to be unique and not the same event that they attended last year, an event designer can help you organize your thoughts, desires and dreams and make them a reality. While keeping you on budget, we will remind you of the details that many hosts forget but guests will remember. From themes and décor to logistics and timelines we work with you to make the event perfect.

We offer custom packages for each client including the following services:

  • Full service planning and coordination
  • Final month detail and day of coordination
  • Ceremony or Program coordination (Advance services)
  • Budgeting
  • Etiquette
  • Décor and Theme Advising
  • Vendor Referral and Contract Review
  • Hourly Consultation